Download GetirDrive!

You are in the seat of GetirDrive, minutes after you need transportation.

Select the Vehicle

You can select any nearby vehicle on the map with the brand, model, and transmission you like and start your trip easily.


You can unlock GetirDrive vehicles’ doors via the app, take the keys from the glove box, and start your trip. Drive for minutes, hours, or days according to your needs and pay as you use.

Drop Off

The only thing you have to do to end your trip in the service area is to take photos of the vehicle as described on the app and the description of the address where you have dropped it off.

How to?

Advantages of GetirDrive

Whenever You Want!

GetirDrive is here for you whenever you need it. You can pick the vehicle closest to you when you’re about to go to work, to a concert, or even to the airport. And all steps of this process are digitalized!

Wherever You Want!

Use GetirDrive for all your transportation needs in Istanbul and Izmir. You can travel to wherever you want with the GetirDrive, and end your trip in service areas of these two metropolitan cities.

As Long As You Want!

You’re the boss on GetirDrive 😊 You can drive any vehicle you want for as long as you want. You can use hourly or daily packages to benefit from advantageous prices, or just drive by the minute.

Featured Vehicles

Service Area

You can start your trip in service areas of Istanbul or Izmir, travel anywhere in Turkey, and terminate it again in the service area.